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Healing Happens In Community

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Individual Leadership Development Sessions 


1 to 1 Sessions With Dr. Belton 

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Culture Restructuring

Workshops and Trainings



Anti Racist and

DEI Initiative Consulting

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Workshops and Trainings 


Conflict Resolution, Trauma Informed Leadership

Team Building

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 Public Speaker

Virtual Team Collaboration

Trauma Informed Practices and Processes

People Of The Global Majority and Leadership

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Certified Adolescent Trauma  Certification

Trauma Informed Advance Training and Supervision

The Journey Towards

Transformed Leadership

From Promotion to Triumph

Begin Your Journey Today.

Transitioning from a career in finance to coaching was a daunting task. The mastermind program was a game-changer for me. It helped me overcome the imposter syndrome and provided me with the skills and mindset to excel in my new role as a coach. The Lego Serious Play activities were especially enlightening!"

Michael Everrette

Let's Talk Leadership Tips To Reduce Interactional Conflicts and Trauma

Embrace Authentic Leadership: Be true to yourself, and others will follow your lead."

Authenticity builds trust. When leaders are genuine and true to their values and principles, it creates a sense of credibility and transparency.

"Transforming Organizational Culture: Build a workplace where everyone thrives."

Leaders who focus on culture create a positive and productive workplace where employees feel valued, leading to higher job satisfaction and performance.

"Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Believe in your abilities, and watch your confidence soar."

Imposter syndrome can hinder a leader's self-confidence and decision-making. 

"Effective Communication: Master the art of active listening and empathetic leadership."

Effective communication is at the core of leadership. Leaders who listen actively and empathize with their team members build strong relationships, resolve conflicts more effectively, and create an open and inclusive work environment.

"The Power of Inclusivity: Diversity in leadership fosters innovation and growth."

Inclusive leadership ensures that diverse voices are heard and valued. It promotes different perspectives, leading to innovative solutions and better decision-making.

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"Continuous Learning: Leadership is a journey, not a destination. Invest in your growth."

Leadership skills are not static; they require continuous development. Leaders who commit to lifelong learning stay relevant, adapt to change, and inspire their teams to embrace growth and improvement.

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Beginner's Syndrome is a normal reaction when you embark on a new journey. You're learning the ropes, making mistakes, experiencing failures, and growing from them. It's a natural part of the learning curve, where self-doubt is a companion pushing you to learn more, adapt, and improve. This uncertainty and discomfort are completely normal – you're a seasoned professional starting in a new field, after all.

Imposter Syndrome, on the other hand, runs deeper and is far more insidious. It is the chronic feeling of self-doubt, of being a fraud that is going to be exposed, regardless of your achievements and successes. It's the voice in your head saying, "You don't belong here. You're not good enough." Imposter Syndrome can plague you, even when you have crossed the beginner's phase and are making significant strides in your new role.


Remember, every expert was once a beginner too.

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There Are Many Effects Of High Stress Interactions or Trauma That Impede Healthy Interpersonal Relationships, Cause Workplace Conflict, Academic Challenges, Life Dissatisfaction, Decrease In Daily Life Skills, Depression and Anxiousness and Challenge Community Systems

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